About The Series

Ocean exploration is a romantic notion that reaches out to the adventurer in all of us. From an early age people dream of exploring the farthest reaches of the earth – uncovering history and ancient stories, witnessing the true beauty of nature while discovering the raw essence driving that simple word, ‘exploration’. Now they can.

Big Fish Big Adventure’  is an 8 – part original, Australian-made series featuring an exploration charter company ‘Big Cat Reality’ that caters to the desires of open-water fishing enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Introducing them to some of the most beautiful, still unexplored fishing destinations the world has to offer. The series offers adventure, reveals Queensland’s long-lost maritime history, undersea life, the thrill of extreme fishing and ocean exploration, but what makes Big Fish Big Adventure truly one of a kind is the 100% Australian focus.

Captain James McVeigh

Seasoned marina and once commercial diver Captain James has spent his life either on or under the water. He takes his clients to the furthest reaches of the Coral Sea, chasing their ‘fish-of-a-life time’. James and his crew deliver a real adventure experience, which, as the true adventurist knows, means facing down an unforgiving sea and Mother Nature’s ability to throw the unexpected at them, at any time.